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Pixel soldiers Pixel soldiers

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looking back at this, very cool how you've improved over the years :D

Miroko responds:

Thank you, man I really appreciate it. :)

1 Year already 1 Year already

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are you working on some kind of RVB 2 or is it going to be a complete different game?

Carnastudio responds:

In fact we are making a better RVB actually, with a real 3D engine (Unity). This time, 6 world, at least 6 new mechanics and also 146 level. And later in the year a level editor. Reaching the steam greenlight for the end of the year

Specter form dota Specter form dota

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She is the only female Hero without boobs, despite winter wyvern.

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deadmen23-3 responds:

winter wyven has boobs?

Daily Imagination #139 - Courage Daily Imagination #139 - Courage

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could be a skin for juggernaut from Dota2

Circus horse II Circus horse II

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Walrus Walrus

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reminds me of my math teacher

Polar bear Polar bear

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I love thes hapes of your water paintings

Circus bear Circus bear

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Winter wyvern Winter wyvern

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In most fantasy novels wyverns are described as dragons whoms front legs are also wings.. so I think it's fine.. just saying

I think this is well drawn/painted but, in my opinion, it needs something that makes me think longer about it. But I guess it wasn't your atention to let us think deeply about it :)

Dota2 - Techies Dota2 - Techies

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That moment when you survive a teamfight and then die from their explosive :"D